Real HCG Drops Reviews

Finding Real HCG Drops Reviews is tough. Especially when online merchants are passing their homeopathic drops as real.

That is why I am bringing you a list of real HCG drops along with my genuine and honest reviews.

But before we can jump into real HCG drops reviews let’s have a brief discussion about what is Real HCG drops.

Note: The Below Table Summarizes this entire Post

HCG Triumph
$99/ Bottle
Real HCG Drops
Lost 15 lbs
Cheap & Best
Average Quality HCG
No Phone Support
50% Discount
NuImage Medical
$297/ Bottle
Real HCG Drops
Lost 13.5 lbs
8000 IU of HCG
Phone Support Available
No Offer

What Are Real HCG Drops?

If your HCG bottle contains the hormone Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) then it is considered as real HCG drops. Real HCG Drops are also known as pure HCG/ Genuine and Legit HCG Drops.

Which Brands Sell Real HCG Drops?

There are only two brands that sell real HCG Drops. They are:

  • NuImage Medical and
  • HCG Triumph

Review of Real HCG Drops Brands

Now, to write this blog post. I decided to review them both, NuImage Medical and HCG Triumph.

First I chose to review NuImage Medical.

Review of NuImage Medial

The two plans of Nuimage Medical

Plans & Pricing: I visited their website (link will be provided at the end of article) and noticed they had two plans. The first plan runs for 26 days while the second plan runs for 46 days.

They are very expensive. Their 26 day plan costs $297 while the other costs $397. Just short of $3 to hit that round number. I think they are priced to appeal to our emotions. If they priced their 26 day program as $300 that sounds like THREE HUNDRED DOLLARS!. However, by reducing $3 we can say its just $297 only.

8000 IU HCG Drops

NuImage’s HCG Drop Quality: Anyways. while ordering I also happen to see how potent their HCG drops are. They sell HCG drops are which are 8000 IU.

I have purchased from several HCG drops brands in the last five years. None have HCG drops with 8000 IU.

Note: If you are wondering what IU represents then let me explain it. IU stands for International Units. This determines the amount of active ingredient within the solution. Higher the IU, higher the active element present.

Another Note: Most HCG drops have 200 IU. Compare that to 8000 IU of NuImage Medical. Suddenly the high price makes sense.

The Kit: The HCG Drop bottle was delivered within 3 days. That’s fast. But if you are an Amazon Prime customer this might be late for some.

The kit contained a single HCG drops bottle of 8000 IU along with Oral syringes. No these syringes don’t contain any needles.

Amount of Weight Lost: I started the diet and followed all instructions provided by NuImage Medical. They send you a PDF document along with instructions to follow for the HCG Diet protocol.

After following the protocol I lost a total of 13.5 lbs per month. Nuimage Medical states that one can lose up to 15 lbs with their 26 day program. For me, it was just short of 1.5 lbs.

During the weight loss period I had no issues expect few days of weakness due to low calorie. And oh I forgot to mention that I followed the 1500 calorie diet.

Email and Phone Support: The other good thing was support provided by Nuimage Medical. Their phone support is great. I wasn’t able to get them on phone once. At that time I used their email support which had a response rate of less than 7 hours. It is worth mentioning that no other HCG brand has a support system such as Nuimage Medical.

Basically you lose 14 lbs for $297 with high quality prescribed HCG drops along with excellent phone and email support.

Thus concludes our review of NuImage Medical.

This brings us to review of next real HCG brand

Review of HCG Triumph

HCG Tirumph is another Real HCG drops brand. They sell HCG Drops of best quality. However, their quality is not equal to NuImage’s.

Ordering & Shipping: Ordering is a breeze with HCG Triumph. With NuImage Medical order took several minutes. I failed to mention that since NuImage Medical is a prescription HCG drop they require to fill out your medical history. This increases ordering time to few extra minutes.

I received the bottle on the third day. The delivery time period is same as that of NuImage Medical. Packaged was packed neatly and there was no broken cases. Everything was intact.

HCG Triumph’s Drop Quality: As mentioned earlier HCG Triumph’s drop is best but cannot equal to NuImage Medical’s. There is no mention of IU on HCG Triumph’s official website. Therefore, I am unable to compare HCG Triumph’s quality level.

Plans: There are three plans or kits available with HCG Triumph.

3 plans from HCG Triiumph
  1. The first kit is 26 day kit. It is meant to lose weight up to 15 lbs. It costs $99
  2. The second kit is 40 day kit. It is meant to lose weight up to 25 lbs and costs $155
  3. The third kit 26 day kit (hormone free). This kit is a homeopathic version of the first kit. It costs $79

The Kit: For the purpose of this review I purchase the 26 day kit (first one). It cost me $99. I received one bottle of HCG Tirumph and another bottle of Vitamin B12 absolutely free.

I was unsure about the extra vitamin B12 provided by HCG Triumph. I did some digging and found that Vitamin B12 keeps you energetic.

If you read my NuImage Medical review above I had mentioned that I felt tired for few days. And I must say that HCG Triumph are great at understandind the trouble of dieting hence the FREE addition of Vitamin B12.

Amount of Weight Lost: Armed with HCG Triumph’s Drop and Vitamin B12 I started my diet regime. The kit also contained a measuring tape and an instruction manual which was emailed to me.

First, I would happily like to mention that I didn’t feel even a wee bit of weakness during the entire period of 26 day.

I managed to balance work and daily house chores without trouble. In short, I didn’t feel like I was dieting at all.

In the end I lost 15.5 lbs of weight. Just like HCG Triumph had mentioned on their website.

No Phone Support: There is no phone support with HCG Triumph although you can reach them through email. I didn’t require much support as I already know what to do while reviewing NuImage Medical. Moreover, HCG Triumph’s email support isn’t as fast as NuImage Medical’s

So, for just $99 I lost 15.5 lbs of weight. This is really crazy.

Compare it to 14 lbs of weight loss with NuImage Medical (even with their high quality drops) HCG Triumph really Triumphs.

To Conclude

Try HCG Triumph if you don’t require support. Here’s a link to HCG Triumph’s official website >

And if you need assistance on HCG Diet then try NuImage Medical. Here’s NuImage Medical’s official website >

The idea of real HCG drops reviews is to provide genuine comparison. The information presented above is just experimental. You have to understand that each body is different therefore, you won’t experience the same amount of weight loss as I did. Hence, be your own judge with the information presented above.