Comparing HCG Drops and HCG Injections

HCG drops and Injections are both effective. However, they both differ in how they work in reducing weight. That is why we have decided to provide complete detail comparing various factors of both.

How they work:

HCG drops work similar to all oral medications. After being ingested they enter the blood stream. Finally, they get working. However, not all HCG drop gets into blood. Some gets passed through intestine.

In the case of HCG injections they are injected directly into the blood stream. This gives the cutting edge over drops. As they are not ingested but injected there is no loss.


HCG drops are generally pure. Some merchants mic in other ingredients because they need other ingredients to suppress appetite and provide energy. Therefore, if you are taking HCG drops chances are less for you to go hungry compared to those who take injections.

Injections are pure HCG hormone. They do not contain any other ingredients to suppress appetite or to provide energy.


HCG drops are relatively cheaper. Obviously because demand is high and supply meets it. Most people are afraid of needles. Hence, they prefer the oral drops ones.

HCG injections are expensive and cost more. In some cases they cost ten times more than a HCG drop bottle. For example, take a HCG drop bottle priced at $60 which aims to reduce 25 pounds. A HCG injection aiming to reduce 25 pounds will easily sell for $300 or even more.


Safety is an issue which must be considered seriously especially in the medicine field. HCG drops don’t have any safety issues. The only problem is not to purchase from third world countries. They might contain microbes which are alien to us. They can affect our digestive system negatively.

HCG injections have several safety issues. First, it is the needles. Needles can get infected. They can also contain bacteria. The other issue is to refrigerate the hormone. Yes, the hormone you receive while ordering HCG injections must be refrigerated. You cannot keep them in open as you would do a HCG drop bottle.



What if you could buy apples from three stores in the whole of US. Of course, they have online stores. the real problem is monopoly. When you have limited retailers you don’t have much choice. You are forced to pick product. However, if there are thousands of retailers the choices are many.

HCG drops retailers are limitless. Unfortunately, HCG Injection retailers are a bunch. Therefore, while ordering HCG injections you won’t have much choice. But with HCG drops your choices are limitless.

Don’t worry if the limitless choices beat you. We have boiled down HCG drops retailers into 3 best and ranked them on our comparison page which you can take a look by clicking here.

Posted by Helen Sanders

Helen Sanders likes to call herself as fitness freak. It was recently that she found HCG drops to helpful in her weight loss journey. Therefore she started this blog to educated and spread the word.