Hi, My name is Richie Richardson and I blog about health-related issues mostly. However, this blog HCG Diet Drops Reviews was created specifically for the HCG Diet Niche. The reason is obvious as HCG Diet is most effective.

Here are some other reasons as to why I started this blog:

1. To provide info on HCG Diet

2. To dispel the myth surrounding HCG Diet

3. To ensure that people find true information backed by scientific data.

4. To create an elaborate library of HCG registered Dietitian within USA

5. To choose the right type of HCG Drops

Here are some information that you will find on this blog:

1. You will find various types of calorie diet with sample

2. You will get to know the phases available in HCG Diet

3. You will have precise knowledge on how to start and end your HCG Diet

4. Things you will need to get started in HCG Diet

5. The inspiration you need to start

6. And the motivation to stay focused on the Diet.

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