4 Myths Surrounding HCG Diet Busted

There are always some myths surrounding everything, especially diets. The same applies here for HCG Diet. Here are some common myths which I have debunked. Hence, the next time someone tries to address these myths you know what to do.

Myth #1: It’s Impossible to Live Off a Low Calorie Diet

HCG Diet, usually consists of low calorie diets. For instance, 500, 800 or 1200 calorie is common. Therefore, some doctors state that it;s impossible to live off at such low calories. Their argument is that people need calorie to do work. And such amount of low calorie will leave them starving and tired.

Though these statements are true there are some misjudgements First of all, HCG diet is meant for those who need to lose weight. In other words for overweight people. Obese people already have large quantities of fat stored.

Fat has to used up. And the only way to do is consume less calorie thereby forcing the body to use up stored reservoir (i.e fat).

As far as being tired is considered most HCG drops are sold with supplements to tackle tiredness.

Finally, humans have the ability to adapt themselves. For the first week, low calorie diet might be hard to follow. However, in the next few weeks you get adapted to it.

Myth #2 Weight Loss Results from Low Calorie and Not from HCG Drops

This one is debated as there is no significant evidence. But let us think outside the box. If low calorie was such an easy thing then why people need HCG drops. Why not diet using low calorie?

The answer is obvious enough as HCG drops act as appetite suppressants. Try eating low calorie for a couple of days. I bet you will go crazy on the third day. But with HCG drops this scenario won’t happen.

HCG drops acts as a strong appetite suppressant. Hence, it is also a reason for weight loss.

Myth #3 You Will Gain Weight After Stopping HCG Diet

Not true. Maybe it’s true for other diet but for HCG it’s completely different. First you need to understand how HCG works on your body.

When you consume HCG drops it directly affects the hypothalamus. Now, this is the part of your brain that is responsible for storing and releasing fats. It is also responsible as to how you eat including what types of foods.

HCG drop is consumed before every meal. And every type of meal on HCG diet is low calorie, healthy and high in protein. There is three phases and on average a HCG diet lasts for more than 45 days.

During this period your body changes completely. You start leaning towards healthy kind of foods. And once, you stop HCG Diet, your body has been changed.

With a little effort from your part, you will not gain those lost pounds on HCG Diet.

Myth #4 Homeopathic HCG Mimics Real HCG Drops Perfectly

Let me explain this myth in one word !#@$. I don’t know the principle of Homeopathy but I do know that the real HCG drops are in on comparison to the fake/ homeopathy ones.

Why do you ask? How about a homeopathic penicillin? or homeopathy antibiotic? Would you opt for it? Definitely not. The same applies here. Homeopathy HCG drops are not only unsafe and don’t work but are considered illegal by the FDA.

We have looked into 4 Common Myths surrounding HCG Diet. If you think there are some more please do not hesitate and let me know through the comment section.

Posted by Helen Sanders

Helen Sanders is a Registered Dietician (RD). She blogs about Nutrition and Good Health. Currently she has taken interest in HCG Drops for weight loss due to her success with it. You can contact her using Contact Form.