Top HCG Diet Drops Merchants

Below are a list of Top HCG Diet Drops Merchants. We have purchased from them, rated and reviewed based on our quality guidelines. You are free to choose from any merchant as it’s completely safe.

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HCG Triumph (Link to Official Site): They are Pioneers of HCG Diet Drops. In fact they are the only HCG drops brand with HCG hormone in it.

Other brands like HCG Complex, HCG 1234, Pounds and Inches etc are Homeopathic drops. These drops do not contain even a single drop of HCG hormone. Since, HCG triumph contains the HCG hormone it is priced a little higher compared to other drops.

However, for a short time HCG Triumph is running Buy One Get One Offer. So Hurry Up!

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HCG Complex (Link to Official Site): HCG Complex does not contain the HCG Hormone. The reason they are listed here is for those who might want to consider Homeopathic drops.


NuImage Medical (Link to Official Site): They are the only retailer who provide medical support while on HCG diet. Obviously for that reason a 26 day HCG Diet program costs $300. If you are the kind of person who is looking for medical support from registered physician while on HCG Diet then NuImage Medical is for you.

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