How to Use HCG Drops – Dosage Instructions

15 Drops before each meal. That is the shortest answer to this post.

Okay, so how do we use HCG Drops?

As soon as you receive your HCG bottle do not store in sunlight. Neither refrigerate it. Keep it on a dark shelf.

After you are ready with HCG diet shake bottle well. Pour 15 HCG drops onto the bottom of your tongue. If you find it hard there is another way.

Take a spoon and pour fifteen drops onto it. Then take the drops onto your tongue’s bottom.

Wait for half an hour and then consume your HCG Diet meal. Within this half an hour do not take any fluid as it will spoil the diet.

How Does this drops work?

By this time you know HCG Diet is low calorie diet. Hence, your body needs to get accustomed to low calorie food. These drops acts as appetite suppressants. Hence, after half an hour when you consume meal, your body will feel satiated within minutes of consuming HCG Diet meal.

Please Note: This dosage is for the average person. Please note that your physician might provide different amounts of dosage with addition of other supplements to counteract low calorie effects of HCG Diet.


How Does HCG Drops Work in Weight Loss

We all know HCG drops are best for permanent weight loss. However, some skeptics still need to know how HCG drops exactly work in weight loss.

Here I describe exactly how HCG drops help in reducing weight.

HCG diet changes how your body stores fat. Hence, it is not just another fad diet. Once, your body gets accustomed to when and how to store fat you can eliminate the diet.

Upon consuming of HCG drops, your hypothalamus is stimulated. Hypothalamus is that part of brain which is responsible for storing and releasing of fat. These drops are consumed half an hour before every meal.

There are three things that happen upon ingestion of HCG drops.

  1. Your body stops storing fat. When you consume meal, excess food will not be stored as fat. In normal times. your body since is used to storing fat, it does not allow excess food to be excreted out. But gets hold of every molecule and stores as fat.
  2. HCG drops also acts are appetite suppressants. There are 500, 800 and 1200 calorie diet per day. And you will be surprised at first to live off at very low calorie. Although it may not be possible, but with HCG drops which acts as suppressants you can easily live off low calorie.
  3. It reprograms how your body works. This might seem a bit dazzling to most. But HCG drop really changes your hypothalamus’ functions. For instance, every time you consume meal after ingestion of HCG drops, your body is getting used to low calorie. Doing this for around a month or two makes your body to get accustomed to the diet protocol. After you have stopped HCG diet, your body will still not store fat.

But you need to understand that not all HCG drops are created equal. Online marketers have imitated HCG hormones and come up homeopathic and synthetic hormones. There are not much use for weight loss. And I strongly don’t recommend buying them off. Reason is obvious because only real HCG hormone drops can help in weight loss. The other being fake or illegal do nothing more than creating a hole in your pocket.

If you are unsure as to from where to buy real HCG drops visit our Real HCG drops comparison page. On this page we have reviewed some top resellers of HCG drops. All of them are tried and trusted. And each of them are manufactured within US in an FDA approved Lab.