Why HCG Drops are Better than HCG Injections

Some of you might wonder as to why HCG Drops are better than Injections. The reason is obvious as it is low risk and comes cheap.

However, I will let you know onto other facts.

By the way I am travelling in my car and jotting down facts as they come into my mind. therefore, you will find this page being updated as I have time.

First and most important of all HCG drops are ingested not injected. In other words, you consume HCG Drops. With HCG Injections you will have to inject into your blood stream. Now, how many of you have injected yourself? Obviously, very few will say yes, Injecting oneself requires experience and the know how to do it.

Secondly, HCG drops are bottled so microbes don’t find their way in. Unfortunately, though HCG injections come with bottled HCG hormone, the needles can be affected. This can result in serious infection. And in some rare cases, if the needles was imported from third world countries like Brazil then foreign microbes can harm your system.

Thirdly, the storage of HCG drops is safer. You take the bottle and keep it in a dry place. However, with injections, you need to store it in a refrigerator. If it isn’t done so then HCG hormones are no longer effective.

Fourthly, there are several range of suppliers when it comes to HCG drops. If you find a certain supplier does not satisfy your needs you can always change to someone else. But in the case of HCG injections, it’s not possible. There are hardly one or two HCG injections suppliers. And if you are not happy chances are slim to find a decent supplier.

There is a homeopathy version of HCG drops available. This is meant for people who are allergic to HCG hormone. But if you choose HCG injections and if you are allergic then I am sorry you have no options to use the HCG Diet.

Most of HCG Diet rule book are based on the HCG drops diet only. Some suppliers of HCG drops supply you with a handbook of HC diet book with a sample diet of 1200 or 800 calorie diet book. this will help you to get on the HCG Diet if you have no prior experience.

A single bottle of HCG Drop costs $70 on average whereas a single HCG injection kit costs $300 on average. If price is compared the HCG drop costs 1/4 of HCG injection. And interesting HCG drop removes more weight than HCG injections.

Few suppliers like HCG complex have weight loss ingredients and appetite suppressant within their HCG hormone bottles. this apart from reducing weight speeds up weight loss. This is the reason as to why some people can lose 1 to 2 lbs er day. With HCG injections there is no such combinations.

Currently, I can think of only these benefits of HCG drops when compared to HCG injections. But I shall soon update as I think of more.