Can Spirulina Help in Weight Loss?

Spirulina, the blue-green algae, is one of the most nutritious organisms on the face of the earth. It has been put into many uses including in weight loss programs. Does it really help in helping people lose the extra calories? It is important to note that spirulina on its own cannot help you lose weight. Combine it with an active lifestyle though and you will be able to shed a few pounds in a short while. Here we look at what the effects of spirulina are and how it can aid in weight loss.

Appetite suppression

The reason why the body tends to feel hungry is because the nutrients in the body have been used up and they need to be replenished so as to satisfy the hunger. Normally you would need to eat a lot of food so as to calm the hunger pangs down which is what resulted in the excess weight in the first place. With spirulina intake your appetite will be reduced since it is packed in nutrients and therefore the body is not deprived of the nutrients. The appetite is suppressed with the use of spirulina and therefore you eat less and will lose weight in the long run. Taking a little spirulina 15-30 minutes before a meal will leave you with very little appetite.

Low calorific intake

By opting for spirulina over other kinds of foods you will be fulfilling your nutritional needs without taking in too many calories. For instance, a gram of spirulina only contains 3.9 calories compared to 65 calories in a gram of protein. This way you will not have fats left behind that need to be stored in the body at all times. With no weight adding losing the already existing one is easy. This is what is advised in weight loss programs that propose the use of spirulina. The blue-algae supplement is used in place of other foods with the latter being taken only in small portions.

Better digestion

Spirulina contains omega 3 and gamma linolenic acid which are very useful nutrients. Among other roles, these regulate blood sugar levels and aid in digestion. Spirulina is also rich in many amino acids that are needed for good digestion. The high fiber content also makes digestion smooth with no constipation and other issues. With a good digestion the food you eat is put to great use and only what is necessary is absorbed into the body.

Lean muscle development

When a person loses weight, it is not enough to have the flabby areas previously filled with fats emptied. A good looking body needs to have lean muscle. From a flat tummy, to the curvaceous hips to the tight butt they all need to have lean muscles to look great. Since spirulina has over 70% protein content it is able to help in building healthy muscles.

Energy boosts

Some people believe that spirulina helps improve the energy levels of a person. The person can therefore be able to exercise for longer and hence will reap more benefits from exercise routines. This means you will be able to lose weight much faster.

You can buy spirulina from online merchants. However, note that a capsule or two won’t provide any benefits. You need to incorporate at least two table spoon of spirulina powder in your meal. Use it in smoothies or add in with fruits.

Now, buying Spirulina powders will turn expensive. Therefore, I suggest contacting any exporters of spirulina and get minimum order quality at a wholesale rate.

Complete HCG Diet Plan with Different Phases and Menus

Human chorionic gonadotropin or HCG is a hormone emitted by the human embryo at the time of implantation. Doctors have used the detection of the HCG hormone for decades in pregnancy testing and now individuals can use simple pregnancy strips in the privacy of their home to determine whether or not they are expecting.
The presence of the HCG hormone in an individual who is not pregnant may indicate cancer. Research has been developed to use a synthetic form of HCG as a tumor marker. It has also been used in performance enhancement drugs by athletes.In the 1950s British endocrinologist Albert Simeon discovered the connection between HCG and weight loss. Dr. Simeon published his book, “Pounds and Inches: A New Approach to Obesity” in 1954. He points out that though the person is on a very low-calorie diet, they don’t suffer from hunger since the HCG takes calories from store fat. The HCG hormone coupled with a low-calorie diet, not only results in weight loss but also targets fat tissue rather than lean tissue and muscle. Though some may consider HCG another fad diet, it is still studied and used today.

Benefits of the HCG Diet:

More than one-third of Americans are considered obese. Obese is defined as having a body mass index or BMI of over 30%. This obesity statistic does not take into account the millions of Americans who may not be considered obese but are overweight. This problem with obesity accounts for many medical conditions and increased healthcare costs. It is not surprising that diets and weight loss is a multi-billion dollar industry. There are many products and diets to choose from, but for extreme weight loss, the HCG plan offers one of the best options for a number of reasons.

• Less invasive than surgery- Bariatric surgery has gained popularity for those who have over 100 pounds to lose. Once the operation is performed weight loss is rapid, but it is a long process qualifying for the procedure which includes psychiatric evaluations and insurance approval or other financing options. Like any surgical procedure, bariatric surgery also comes with many possible risks and complications. In addition to recovery time, the surgery risks include bleeding, blood clots, lung and respiratory problems, infection, and in rare cases death. After surgery complications such as malnutrition, hypoglycemia, gall stones, and bowel obstructions are still concerns. Additionally, bariatric surgery prevents or complicates routine medical tests and procedures such as colonoscopies. The HCG program does not involve any kind of surgery and can be safely abandoned if adverse side-effects become a problem.

• Rapid weight loss- Those who have significant amounts of weight to lose will be impressed with the results using the HCG hormone and suggested the diet plan. The first part of the diet involving low-calorie intake and the HCG results in substantial weight loss including water weight, but after the initial pounds are lost you can still expect to lose up to a half a pound per day.

• Lean muscle and tissue retained- On the HCG diet, you can expect to lose fat and not lean muscle. This loss of fat is because of the hormone and the dietary suggestions. Losing fat rather than lean muscle and tissue helps to avoid saggy skin and bring the desired body type results.

• More nutritious than other diets- Though a significant portion of the HCG program involves a very low-calorie diet, the calories are well balanced and nutritious. Many commercial liquid diets include way too much sugar aggravating conditions such as diabetes and hypoglycemia. Protein drinks and bars may cause stomach aches and other digestive problems. Starvation and diets limited to one or two foods are not nutritiously balanced and adversely alter metabolism.

Conditions alleviated or prevented by weight-loss:

Obesity and even ten extra pounds can cause or contribute to many health problems. Controlling inflammation is key to dealing with most illnesses. The diet suggested in the HCG program alone helps to reduce inflammation thereby controlling and reducing pain. Weight maintenance is of particular importance in the following conditions:

• Diabetes- The HCG hormone and diet has been shown to help all types of diabetes. It is particularly useful for those with Type 2 diabetes who are not yet insulin dependent or those who are pre-diabetic. This result is due to the hormonal changes and the restricted diet.

• Cancer- Sugar and refined flour have been shown to encourage cancer. The dietary changes of the HCG program may help cancer patients, but it is important to remember that the presence of HCG in a person who is not pregnant may be a sign of cancer.

• Arthritis and Chronic Pain- Extra pounds put extra stress on joints and organs causing more pain and discomfort. Reducing inflammation through diet is also essential in dealing with arthritis and other causes of chronic pain.

• Heart conditions- The HCG program is not recommended for those with heart disease or who are at high risk for a stroke. One of the possible side-effects of the hormone is bleeding and blood clots. Additionally, there is a concern regarding the low caloric intake and the loss of electrolytes.

• Depression- Being obese or significantly overweight in and of itself can take a psychological toll, but sugar, preservatives, and other chemicals in a poor diet also contribute to depression and moodiness. There is speculation as well that the HCG improves mood.

Phases of the HCG program:

Before beginning the HCG program, it is important to consult with a doctor about your weight loss goals and other health concerns. The HCG may be prescribed as a pill, drops, or an injection. The oral methods are considerably less expensive and do not necessarily require a prescription like the HCG injections. Regardless of the form of HCG, you select your doctor should recommend HCG according to your weight, health concerns and advise you on your diet including must-have foods and foods to avoid.

You can buy hcg drops from here.

Though the dosage of HCG and suggested caloric intake and selection of food may vary from patient, there are defined stages of the HCG diet plan that every patient should follow:

• Phase 1- The first phase of the HCG diet plan is also referred to as the “Loading” phase. It is called the loading phase because before starting HCG dosing it also calls for a high fat and high-calorie diet. This stage of the diet typically lasts two to three days. During this phase, the fat and lipids are loosened adjusting the body’s metabolism for the phases that follow. Even though the calorie count of the first stage is relatively high, many people experience notable weight-loss during the “Loading” phase. The food included in the first phase include fruit, vegetables, healthy fats and even healthy fats. Saturated fats and refined sugars and flours are excluded.

• Phase 2- The “Core” phase is the most intense part of the HCG program. This second portion is the stage of the program where the caloric intake is dropped to 500 to 700 per day, less than half of the calories typically recommended. Though the daily calorie allowance is low, the food suggested offer nutrition and metabolic advantages. Additionally, the dosing of HCG begins usually either in the form of injections or pill form. Phase two of the diet lasts up to 40 days depending on the weight loss needed. For the first five to ten days of the second phase, the weight loss is substantial. Weight loss averages approximately a half a pound a day for the remainder of “Core” phase.

• Phase 3- The third phase of the HCG diet plan is known as the “Taper” phase. In the Taper phase you discontinue the HCG hormone, but continue the low-calorie intake of 500-700 per day. Again, a diet of fruit, vegetables, lean proteins, whole grains, and healthy fats is essential. Due to the hormonal complications, it is imperative not to include milk or other dairy products in your diet. This phase should last no longer than three days.

• Phase 4- Phase four is all about maintenance. During maintenance, you will not take the HCG hormone and consume from 1200 to 1500 calories a day. It is important to continue to eat a sensible, healthy diet and participate in a reasonable exercise program which includes cardio, weight-bearing, and stretching exercises.

The HCG program may be repeated, but it is important to let your body rest for a minimum of 23 days before beginning with the first phase again.

Suggested Menu for the HCG program:

• Core or Low-Calorie Phase:

o Breakfast- Fresh or frozen unsweetened strawberries
o Lunch- 100 grams of healthy protein such as fish, poultry, or lean beef, a serving of whole grains, a serving of raw or steamed vegetables and a serving of fruit
o Dinner- repeat the lunch menu varying the protein and fruit and vegetable choices

For a complete of list of approved hcg diet foods click here

Keeping the daily calories to under 700 is important. Instead of using fats and oils for flavoring consider herb blends. Stevia is also a nutritious and safe sugar substitute. Filling and refreshing drinks and slushies can be created with fresh or frozen fruit, ice, water and Stevia. Herbal teas and lemon water can also add flavor and interest to your diet without the calories and may even aid in weight loss.

• Maintenance Phase:

As you continue to lose weight on the maintenance phase, you can add healthy fats such as olive oil and nuts, but it is important not to add dairy foods such as milk, yogurt, cheese, and ice-cream. Once you have reached your ideal weight, you may choose to indulge occasionally in previously forbidden foods, but remember to be moderate and exercise accordingly.

It is very important to drink plenty of water every day; two liters is recommended. You will also want to drink a generous amount of water with electrolytes, especially of you have dehydration concerns. Do not, however, drink sugary sports drinks.

HCG and Alcoholic Beverages:

It is advisable to forgo alcoholic beverages while on the HCG program, especially the Core or second phase of the program. There have been those, however, who have still experienced positive results by indulging in a glass of dry wine or a shot of vodka or tequila up to three times a week. On the days they treat themselves to a libation, they substitute for the lunch or dinner fruit serving. Alcohol beverages typically have a high carb and sugar content, so definitely stay away from sweet or dessert wines, beer, and don’t even think about a pina colada or mojito.
If you find yourself at a Happy Hour after work, remember to supplement your Chardonnay with lemon water and hands off the peanuts and house chips!

Adverse Side-effects and Warnings:

Hormones are very powerful, and human chorionic gonadotropin is no exception. A hormone able to result in significant positive results should also be monitored for harmful side-effects. Anyone on prescribed medications should be sure to check with their physician or pharmacist for contraindications or other concerns.
If recommended dosing is followed HCG is relatively safe. There are common side-effects that may occur. Be sure to note any of the following symptoms and if they become severe or alter your quality of life report them to your doctor:
• Headache
• Irritability
• Fatigue
• Depression
• Swelling feet or legs
• Breast development in men
• Pain at the injection site

Besides posing threats to your physical and mental health obesity or even being overweight can lower your quality of life. The extra pounds give you less energy and make you less productive in your professional life and less likely to participate in and enjoy recreational or social activities.

Looking our best is often the motivation for losing unwanted pounds, but feeling our best and protecting our health should be an even bigger priority. If you have 10 pounds or 100 pounds or more to lose, share your concerns with your doctor and see if the HCG program is right for you. You owe it to yourself to lead the highest quality of life possible.

Many have achieved success on the HCG program. There are numerous websites with blogs and forums offering support and information lending validity to the legitimacy of the program. The information and comradery are very helpful to those struggling to lose unwanted pounds. However, it cannot be stressed enough before embarking on any weight loss reduction program or diet check with a doctor and see what program will be the healthiest and most productive for you.

Where to Buy HCG Drops for Weight Loss (Updated for 2018)

Last updated April 14th 2018

In this article we are going to reveal where to buy HCG drops from.

Obviously you should buy online but only from select merchants. Our Recommended merchant has the below benefits:

  1. It has the cheapest price
  2. Buy one get one offer
  3. Powerful ingredients for maximum weight loss
  4. 30 day money back guarantee and
  5. Free fast shipping all over US.

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Below Article will help you find the Best place to Buy HCG Drops on Your Own

HCG drops are great for losing excess weight. Usually, people opt HCG drops for fast weight loss. In some cases, where people want to lose couple of pounds, HCG drops are preferred. But if you are new or confused as to where to buy hcg drops then this is the right place.

We will discuss various factors like, pure vs homeopathic hcg, the quality necessary for weight loss, recommended manufacturing practices, which sites are trusted, where you can get the best offer for your buck, etc.

However, if you wish to cut the chase then you can take a look at our comparison chart. We have listed top 3 HCG merchants who meet all our requirements. We have ranked and rated according to their effectiveness.

Click Here to View Comparison Chart of Top 3 HCG Drops

But we recommend to keep reading. This will educate you on which is the best hcg drop. And where you can buy hcg.

Choosing Between Pure & Homeopathic HCG Dropspure or homeopathic hcg

This is the very first step. You need to decide between pure and homeopathic hcg drops. Here are the differences between the two HCG drops:

Pure hcg drops are also known as pharmaceutical hcg drops. It is commonly known as prescription HCG. In short, it is nothing but HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) alone. This is the type of HCG drop that is recommended by doctors. In fact, it is this type of HCG drops that Dr. A.T.W Simeons first wrote pounds and inches book. This type of HCG drops is only the legal form. These are the ones that are going to help in your journey.

Homeopathic hcg drops are diluted form of HCG. Unfortunately, this type of HCG is considered illegal in many states. According to homeopathy’s principle, the diluted solution will have all the effectiveness of the main solution. This is best for people who are allergic to pure HCG. In some cases, where women don’t want to get pregnant then homeopathic HCG drops are best. The reason is that many women have conceived while on pure HCG drops.

HCG diet is low calorie diet. Therefore, it becomes difficult to control appetite or maintain energy level. Sometimes, you will feel fatigue on pure  HCG drops. Homeopathic drops, on other hand, contain other ingredients apart from HCG that will help to control appetite and maintain your energy level.

Warning Note: Some Homeopathic HCG sellers do not even have HCG in it. This is called free version HCG. Please do not buy such HCG drops. You can check by reading the label. If still unsure contact the seller and ask.

Here is how to detect pure HCG drops. Buy a pregnancy test strip. Its cheap and costs less than a dollar. Get an ounce of pure water. Take the HCG drop you purchased and drop in 6 to 10 drops of HCG. Wait for a minute to allow HCG to mix. Hold the strip on the blue end side. Insert the strip into HCG mixture till the maximum mark. Wait for 20 seconds. Take the strip out and wait. The upper end (below the blue color mark) will turn pinkish.

•If two lines appear then the HCG is real

•If one line appears then there is no HCG

•If no line appears then the strip is faulty.

Where was the HCG Manufactured?

After you chose the type of HCG, find where it was manufactured. Most products in the US are sourced from China. And HCG Drops are no different. The manufacturing process in other countries are not so strict as in US. Worst part is that these HCG Drops might contain foreign microbes. Moreover, they are not regulated by FDA. Hence, HCG drops you buy must be manufactured in US.

Places You Can Buy HCG Drops From

After confirming HCG drops are manufactured in US, the next step to buy1decide is the place of purchase. There are various places you can purchase HCG from. Here we have listed 4 popular places with their pros and cons.

Buying HCG Drops Online: This is one the most recommended and even the best option. The very first benefit is the ease of ordering. You just browse various sellers, order and its on your doorstep next day. Ordering process couldn’t get simpler than this. Secondly, there are several choices available. When you walk into a store you will find only a couple of brands for the product. However, on the Internet you have unlimited choices. Hence, you are not obliged to buy only from a couple of brands. Its your choice with liberty.

Buying on Most people trust Amazon. Its best and with their fast shipping there is no competitor. Unfortunately, you shouldn’t buy HCG from Amazon. First, because you don’t have several choices. Secondly, the HCG sold on Amazon are usually sourced from third world countries (probably China!). And HCG drops from foreign countries are not  suggested. Hence, we recommend not to purchase HCG Drops from Amazon.

Buying HCG Drops Locally: If you have local access to HCG drops then its best option. Buying locally can be divided into two categories:

1.Buying HCG drops from Clinic – If there is a HCG clinic near you then visit it. Tell your doctor about your weight loss problem. He will prescribe HCG which can be bought from the same clinic. This is generally pure in form and manufactured in US. You do not have to worry about this option. However, the only drawback with this situation is the price. Your doctor will charge you hundreds of dollars for something that you can get for $50. Moreover, you are required to frequently visit the clinic which adds to the increased cost.

2.Buying HCG drops from Local Stores – It is okay to purchase from local stores. You walk into your nearest store. Grab a bottle of HCG. Look at the label. Find whether it confirms FDA manufacturing practice and buy. Sadly this option has two main drawbacks 1) You will have to travel to your store. If this something that takes miles then its a headache. 2) Secondly you don’t have much options in the store, as we mentioned above. You will have to choose from the 3 or 4 brands present in the store.

 Things to Check Before Buying HCG Drops

Before you buy a bottle of HCG Drops Check these things

Quality of HCG Drop:

What is the quality of HCG drop you are about to purchase? If you are purchasing pure HCG drops, ingredient list should not contain anything hcg qualityelse than HCG. And if you are purchasing homeopathic HCG drop, check the ingredient whether it contains HCG. Furthermore, it should be manufactured in an FDA regulated lab. This information is confirmed if the label contains GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice). Finally, check the expiry date of HCG. This last statement might seem no brainer. But you will be surprised as to how many people buy expired products or products about to expire.

Support by HCG Drop Seller:

Not all HCG Drops provide support. Only few of them provide tele or emailhcg support support. Support is vital. Lets say you have confusion about the product, where will you ask? Of course you can search on the internet. But it will be more easy if the seller provided support during the HCG program. HCG drop seller providing support might charge couple of bucks extra. And its worth for what they have to offer.

HCG Diet Information Guide:

The HCG Diet comes in various calorie restriction program. For example aHCG Guide HCG Diet can differ from 500 calorie per day to 2000 calorie per day. Depending upon which calorie restriction you choose, information on the same should be provided by the HCG drops seller. Lets say you chose to undergo the 1500 calorie diet. The HCG seller must provide a complete HCG diet guide list for 1500 calorie. It should contain list of HCG diet Foods list and foods to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner. This will save you another couple of bucks by not purchasing HCG Diet book.

Note:Though HCG Diet guide provided by sellers will suffice, we still recommend that you purchase another book from Amazon. If possible, also purchase HCG Diet recipe book. The list of possible recipes will make your HCG Diet journey tastier yet maintaining the HCG Diet restriction.

Buy from Trusted Sellers:

You don’t want to purchase HCG drops from someone who had just set uptrusted hcg brand a shop online last week. Buy from trusted sellers. Trusted sellers have long history of selling HCG drops. Moreover, they generally sell genuine items. We recommend to buy from HCG sellers who at least have one year of selling history.

Keep Your Credit Information Safe:

You need to keep your credit card information safe. While purchasing fromcredit card unsafe sellers your credit card information might be compromised. Here is an easy way to know if your credit card information will be safe while placing order. Note the url address of the order page. Url starts with http://. If its an order page the url must start with https://. The ‘s’ stands for secure. If the order page does not include the ‘s’ then do not enter your credit card information. Best, don’t buy hcg drops from the seller. Choose another seller.

Read Reviews of HCG Drops:

Let say you found a HCG drops which meets all above requirements. The last thing you need to check is reviews. You must know what other people have felt by using this drop. Therefore, its crucial that you read some best HCG drops reviews of the particular seller. Focus on negative reviews as these will show the flaws. A best way to search for negative reviews is to enter the seller name with ‘scam’ at end. If the product is a scam, someone would have written about it. Moreover, you should note that it is impossible to please everyone. Hence, its okay to have some amount of negative reviews. But its not okay to have several negative reviews.

How Many HCG Drops Bottle to Buy?

The answer to this question depends on how much weight you wish to lose. If you are just a seasonal user then just a single bottle will suffice. A bottle helps to reduce anywhere between 10 to 15 pounds. This is much lower than what is advertised. HCG sellers state that a single HCG drop bottle will help to lower about 25 to 35 pounds. This is an overstatement. In our three years of HCG Diet we never exceeded 15 pounds lost per month on 800 calorie. If you wish to lose more, then buy in bulk. When buying in bulk you will get huge discounts.

How to Store HCG Drops?

Storing HCG drops bottle is a piece of cake. As soon as you receive the bottle place it in a place where sunlight won’t affect the hormone inside. HCG reacts to sunlight and hence can easily get damaged. This is the reason why HCG bottles are opaque. Yes, you can refrigerate the bottle. But do not freeze it.

Read this article to know how to use HCG drops.

The Best HCG Drops We Recommend

Usually we don’t recommend any specific HCG drops. Since, we are getting several emails asking recommendation for best HCG drops we are writing this portion of article.

The only HCG drop we recommend are HCG Complex. There are several reasons. One of them being that it reduces most weight compared to other HCG Drops.

best hcg drop brand

You should also note that HCG Complex isn’t all pure HCG. It does contain some HCG and other natural ingredients. They add other ingredients to fight food craving, fight weakness and fatigue and to provide energy to your body.

HCG Complex, apart from containing HCG also contains below listed ingredients with their benefits.

List of Ingredients Present in HCG Complex

  1. Guarana: It is a creeper commonly found in Brazil belonging to Amazon basin. It contains double the amount of caffeine compared to coffee beans. The seeds of Guarana plant are similar in size to coffee beans. In a study Guarana seed mixture resulted in 5 kg of weight loss over a period of 45 days.
  2. Ginseng: It is found in cooler areas of North America. This species was brought from South Korea. It is widely used in stress reduction. Most important of all, Ginseng are widely used in Chinese Traditional Medicine.
  3. Gymnema Sylvestre: This plant has several benefits. Some of the them are 1) helps in weight loss 2) reduces blood sugar 3) is a laxative and 4) diuretic.
  4. Astragalus: It is a group of shrubs and herbs. It increases immunity and is also known to prolong life.
  5. Coleus Forskohlii: This plant species is very famous because it contains forskolin. In India the plant is used to makes pickles. They believe it strengthens heart muscles. In Brazil, it is used to treat digestive disorders. Mostly liver problems are treated with a decoction made from this plant’s leaves. The extracts are used for weight loss.
  6. Maca: This is a native of Peru. The root of this plant is dried and powdered  before use. It is used to treat fertility issues. Today, in US, it is widely used to treat menopause symptoms in women. In short, it balances hormones in your body.
  7. Grape Seed Extract: A study showed that grape seed extract reduced systolic blood pressure and slowed heart rate.
  8. Citrus Bioflavanoids: These help in regulation of blood circulation, acts as an anti-inflammatory and supports immune system.
  9. Eleuthero: This is a native of Northeast Asia. Some of main health benefits are increased mental performance, increasing effectiveness of chemotherapy and it also treats angina, insomnia and headache. It is added to provide energy.
  10. Cayenne Pepper Extract: Cayenne pepper is also known as red hot chilli. It is rich in vitamin A. As it contains capsaicin it dilates the blood vessels and increases metabolism. A group of animals were given cayenne pepper and because of increased metabolism they lost a significant amount of weight. This weight loss occurs because the intense of heat energy the body puts off is significant.
  11. African Mango Extract: This is a miracle weight loss supplement that took the internet by storm. The seed of african mango contains highly soluble fiber. This soluble fibre helps in melting the stubborn belly fat resulting in weight loss.

All Natural & No Side Effects:

As you can see from the above list of ingredients, all are natural. Since, all ingredients being natural you don’t get any side effects. The reason we stress this issue is because some people are allergic to pure HCG. Using this kind of hormone will avoid allergic reaction. But will bring about the amount of weight loss.

Its Cost Effective & Cheap:

HCG Drops from other sellers are expensive. HCG Complex drops are priced only at $69 per bottle (at the time of this writing). Other HCG drops bottle starts from $79 and above. Hence, it is cheaper and best option.

Diet Information for 500,800 and 1200 Calorie:

As we mentioned in the beginning of this article, it is essential to have the diet information with various calorie option. HCG Complex is one of the few HCG merchants that provide their customers with diet guide for 500, 800 and 1200 calorie. You have to just purchase a bottle of HCG drop and follow any calorie restriction guide. The guide comes with sample meal plan and information.

HCG Complex Forum:

Consumers of HCG Complex get access to HCG Complex Forum. In this forum you get to interact with fellow HCG Complex customers. This helps you to find solutions to your any unanswered question. You also get support from HCG Complex staff. By purchasing a bottle of HCG Complex you are entitled to joining the HCG Complex community and seek easy guidance at any time.

HCG Complex’s Year Around Offer:

Okay, this is something that no other HCG merchant can do. HCG Complex has been offering year around offer. Sometimes they run discount offers or sometimes crazy deals. However, their most common offer is Buy One Get One Free. For instance, if you purchase a bottle for $69 you get another bottle absolutely FREE! Frankly, we haven’t seen any other HCG merchant running such an offer throughout the year.

Free Shipping:

HCG Complex provides free nationwide shipping on all orders. Other HCG merchants charge you anywhere between $5 to $20 extra over the price of HCG bottle. Again this is something you won’t find with other merchants.

Click Here to Visit HCG Complex Official Site

Click Here to Compare top 3 HCG Drops

We would like to conclude this long post by jotting down all essential points.

  • Choose between pure and homeopathic HCG. We suggest to choose pure HCG.
  • Ensure that the HCG is manufactured within US. Don’t go for foreign manufactured HCG.
  • You have four option to buy HCG drops 1) you can buy HCG online, which is best option, 2) Buy from Amazon, 3) Buy from HCG Clinic, which is expensive option and 4) buy HCG from local stores like Walmart.
  • Before buying HCG drops ensure that the quality is high, it is purchased from trusted seller, the merchant provides you with diet information, you get support from the merchant and also note that the site is secured so that your credit card information is safe.
  • Ensure to read reviews of HCG Drops. This will give you an idea of which drops are best, how they function and what are the side effects if any.
  • If you are planning to lose weight for the long run then buy HCG drops bottle in bulk.
  • To store it, place it in a cool dry place. You can also refrigerate HCG bottle. Do not place the HCG bottle directly in sunlight. HCG has a shelf life of 3 years.
  • To find whether the HCG drop bottle contains real HCG use early pregnancy strip test. If the strip shows two lines then the HCG bottle contains real HCG.
  • We recommend HCG Complex Drops. It contains 11 different ingredients which all help to suppress hunger, provide energy, maintain hormonal balance and speeds up weight loss.

Click Here to View Comparison Chart of Top 3 HCG Drops

Here we come to an end. Hope we have answered all your queries regarding purchasing of HCG Drops. Although we have tried to provide information keeping as transparent as possible, we suggest to do your own research. If you find any information to be wrong or misrepresented then we kindly ask to notify us immediately using the comment section below or through our contact page.

Complete HCG Diet Food List You Will Ever Need

This is the original HCG diet food list. Use this list when you shop next time. This food list for HCG diet is divided into categories like Proteins, Vegetables, Fruits & Seasonings.

HCG Diet Food List for Proteins

  1. Chicken breast without skin (it should be hormone and antibiotic free)
  2. Grass fed steak
  3. Talapia
  4. Halibut
  5. Trout
  6. Shrimp
  7. Lobster
  8. Crab

HCG Diet Food List for Vegetables

  1. Tomato
  2. Spinach
  3. Celery
  4. Cucumbers
  5. Cabbage
  6. Onion
  7. Asparagus
  8. Broccoli
  9. Cauliflower

note: Avoid potato, corn and carrots.

HCG Diet Food List Fruits

  1. Apple
  2. Orange
  3. Strawberries
  4. Grapefruits

HCG Diet Food List for Seasonings

  1. Pepper
  2. Garlic
  3. Vinegar
  4. Sweet Basil
  5. Mustard powder
  6. Lemon Juice (one)
  7. Marjoram
  8. Thyme
  9. Salt

HCG Diet Food List for BreakFast

Tea or coffee without sugar. You can have this in unlimited quantity. Natural sweeteners like stevia can be used. If you wish you can add a teaspoon of milk to your coffee or tea. But no more than one teaspoon in 24 hours is allowed.

HCG Diet Food List for Lunch

There are four options for lunch.

  1. 100 g of chicken breast, veal, white meat fish, crab, shrimp or lobster. The 100 g weight represents weight of meat when raw. Ensure to chop off any visible fat. You can boil or grill above listed meats without fat. Avoid Salmon, Tuna, Eel and dried fish. If for some reason you cannot eat meat then take egg whites. You will have to eat 4 egg whites boiled to attain 100 g of protein. It is recommended that you eat one egg yolk out of 4.
  2. You can eat any one of the following vegetables: celery, green leafy vegetables, cabbage, cauliflower, asparagus, onions, tomatoes, fennel, spinach.
  3. You can choose between Grissino or Melba toast.
  4. Any one of these fruits: apple, half of grapefruit, one whole orange or handful of strawberries.

HCG Diet Food List for Dinner

The list of HCG Diet foods are same as that of lunch.

Tips To Help You With The HCG Diet

  • While buying meat buy in bulk. Later cut them at home according to portions required. Don’t forget to trim all fat. Store them in a freezer. Use this portion whenever required. This saves your time for frequent purchase.
  • Stay hydrated throughout the HCG Diet program. Drinking lots of water helps to release all toxins and fat from your body. Your skin will look better. Most important of all, drinking lots of water avoids constipation which is common with HCG drops. You will gain some weight due to water. But don’t worry, it’s just water weight. You will lose water weight eventually.
  • Weigh yourself daily. With HCG diet you will lose significant amount of weight daily. By weighing yourself daily you will notice weight lost which motivates you. Ensure to weigh as soon as you relieve yourself with minimum clothing.
  • Fat can get into your system through skin. Therefore, if you are using any sort of moisturizers or cosmetics that contains fat avoid it. Also use gloves while preparing dishes to avoid contact with your hand. Use baby oils and mineral oils instead of lotions and moisturizers.
  • Avoid restaurants. You do not know the type of oil and fats used including the amount. Moreover, restaurants aren’t that health conscious and might use below quality ingredients. Cook your own food at home with the use of our HCG diet food list.
  • George Foreman grills are great for grilling. They remove the fat from meat as it cooks. The fats are deposited below in a tray. This way you can cut on your calories very easily.

See Our Comparison Chart of top 3 HCG Merchants.

What is the Difference Between Pure and Homeopathy Drops?

Many hcg drops being sold online are homeopathy. The saddest part is that homeopathy-real-hcg-dropspeople don’t even know they are buying homeopathy drops. It is only after purchasing a few bottles they realize HCG Diet doesn’t work.

It is not the Diet but the drops which won’t work. And yes, it is homeopathy drops to blame.

For HCG diet to work you need pure HCG drops. These pure hcg drops are of pharmaceutical grades. In fact, these are the ones prescribed by doctors.

So How do You Differentiate Pure from Homeopathy HCG drops?

Pure or pharmaceutical hcg drops contain nothing but the HCG hormone. If you look at the bottle’s label there should be no ingredient other than HCG. These are the purest forms of HCG hormones.

It is these hormones which will help in reducing weight. To know more about pure or real HCG drops visit this site. It deals completely with real hcg hormone drops. Moreover, this site has comparison of top 3 HCG merchants online who all sell only real hcg hormone drops.

If you look at a bottle of homeopathy drops there are several ingredients included. This is clear indication of Homeopathy hcg drops. It will never work. And you will never lose weight. Worst part is that these Homeopathy HCG drops do not even contain slightest amount of HCG.

Note: For those who are allergic to Real HCG Hormone Drops can opt for Homeopathy HCG drops. But if you aren’t allergic to HCG then Pure HCG drops is the way to go.

Why HCG Diet is the Best Diet for Weight Loss?

Okay, I am not writing this because I love HCG diet. I am writing this because recently I came to know the benefits of low carb diet. And yes, you guessed it right, the HCG diet is low carb diet.

Before i get into the benefits of HCG diet I would like to dispel one myth.

The myth is that HCG diet being low in carbohydrates is bad for your health. The reason? Carbohydrates are required to generate energy which is used up by the body. However, recent research has found that carbohydrates are not necessary for energy.

Hence, if you are on HCG diet and you are consuming low carbohydrates don’t worry. You are safe.

Other reason why HCG diet is best of all diet is due to the low carb thing. Yes, your body will stay healthy when you lower your carbohydrates intake. When you increase your carbohydrate intake you are prone to diseases such as cancer, heart diseases, arthritis, diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure etc.

You may think the above statement as nonsense. But it’s not.

Let me explain things to you.

Do you know that inflammation is the root cause for most degenerative diseases? Probably not. Obviously because, inflammation is the new kid around the block. You might not even have heard about inflammation.

Well, inflammation occurs within our body which is the inception for all degenerative diseases.

I would give you an explanation as to how inflammation occurs. But that would be unnecessary on a HCG diet blog. However, I will give you a gist of how inflammation takes place within our body.

When cholesterol in your body gets oxidized, it is highly inflammatory. This causes the oxidized cholesterol to enter tissue and arteries (read all parts of body) and begin the inflammation process. When inflammation begins the body responds to the inflamed area with blood clot formation.

It is all okay when there is a clot. However, you need to stop inflammation process for the blood clot to heal the particular area.

And if you don’t stop inflammation, the blood clots rises in number and size. In the mean time, your body’s immune system thinks that this blood clot is something of foreign nature and attacks it. Thereby aggravating the condition.

However, if you take medication or foods that are anti-oxidants, you can reduce the inflammation.

But what if I told you that inflammation can be stopped easily?

Yup, that will be a good idea. isn’t it?

Well, the cause for inflammation is carbs or in simpler terms is sugar.

If you avoid sugar and carbs then you can stop inflammation occurring in your body.

Since, HCG diet is low in carbs, you are not only going to reduce weight but have a beautiful and healthy body.

Comparing HCG Drops and HCG Injections

HCG drops and Injections are both effective. However, they both differ in how they work in reducing weight. That is why we have decided to provide complete detail comparing various factors of both.

How they work:

HCG drops work similar to all oral medications. After being ingested they enter the blood stream. Finally, they get working. However, not all HCG drop gets into blood. Some gets passed through intestine.

In the case of HCG injections they are injected directly into the blood stream. This gives the cutting edge over drops. As they are not ingested but injected there is no loss.


HCG drops are generally pure. Some merchants mic in other ingredients because they need other ingredients to suppress appetite and provide energy. Therefore, if you are taking HCG drops chances are less for you to go hungry compared to those who take injections.

Injections are pure HCG hormone. They do not contain any other ingredients to suppress appetite or to provide energy.


HCG drops are relatively cheaper. Obviously because demand is high and supply meets it. Most people are afraid of needles. Hence, they prefer the oral drops ones.

HCG injections are expensive and cost more. In some cases they cost ten times more than a HCG drop bottle. For example, take a HCG drop bottle priced at $60 which aims to reduce 25 pounds. A HCG injection aiming to reduce 25 pounds will easily sell for $300 or even more.


Safety is an issue which must be considered seriously especially in the medicine field. HCG drops don’t have any safety issues. The only problem is not to purchase from third world countries. They might contain microbes which are alien to us. They can affect our digestive system negatively.

HCG injections have several safety issues. First, it is the needles. Needles can get infected. They can also contain bacteria. The other issue is to refrigerate the hormone. Yes, the hormone you receive while ordering HCG injections must be refrigerated. You cannot keep them in open as you would do a HCG drop bottle.



What if you could buy apples from three stores in the whole of US. Of course, they have online stores. the real problem is monopoly. When you have limited retailers you don’t have much choice. You are forced to pick product. However, if there are thousands of retailers the choices are many.

HCG drops retailers are limitless. Unfortunately, HCG Injection retailers are a bunch. Therefore, while ordering HCG injections you won’t have much choice. But with HCG drops your choices are limitless.

Don’t worry if the limitless choices beat you. We have boiled down HCG drops retailers into 3 best and ranked them on our comparison page which you can take a look by clicking here.

Can HCG Drops be Used by Men for Weight loss?

The weight loss industry seems to cater only for women. When a new diet comes out its the women rushing. This doesn’t leave much space for men. Unfortunately,  men tend to think that diets are specially designed for women. The same holds true for HCG Diet.

HCG Drops can be used by Men:Man-Weight-Loss-HCG-Drops                                Although, you might think, HCG diet drops are meant for women, they are not. Men can also use HCG drops for weight loss. The principle of weight loss with HCG diet is same for men. 

In fact, men can lose more weight easily than women. Simply because men weren’t designed to store fat like women.

Note: Women were designed by nature to store fat so that they can nurse their young ones.

So how can men use HCG drops for weight loss?

Here’s how men can use HCG drops for weight loss:

  • First purchase HCG drops from any genuine merchants. It can be online or offline (from stores nearby). Try opting online as its cheaper.
  • Second follow the guidelines with low calorie diet. Basically, there are three types of Diets 1) 500 calorie, 2) 800 calorie and 3) 1200 calorie. Choose any one.
  • Use the HCG drops in conjunction with the drops. Usually, take 10 to 15 drops half an hour before breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  • Watch as you lose weight.

It can’t get simpler than this.

Where should I purchase HCG Drops online?

Okay, this is a tricky question. Why? because there are several online merchants who are nothing but scammers. You need to opt only for genuine drops. Secondly, I have purchased only from few therefore can vouch only for those purchase. Thirdly, the companies that we vouch for may or may not be suitable for you.

But, if you do want our suggestion then checkout this page which has a comparison chart of top three HCG drops merchants.

Note: Use them at your own responsibility. We can only suggest. The rest is your decision and need to take full responsibility.

How to Use HCG Drops – Dosage Instructions

15 Drops before each meal. That is the shortest answer to this post.

Okay, so how do we use HCG Drops?

As soon as you receive your HCG bottle do not store in sunlight. Neither refrigerate it. Keep it on a dark shelf.

After you are ready with HCG diet shake bottle well. Pour 15 HCG drops onto the bottom of your tongue. If you find it hard there is another way.

Take a spoon and pour fifteen drops onto it. Then take the drops onto your tongue’s bottom.

Wait for half an hour and then consume your HCG Diet meal. Within this half an hour do not take any fluid as it will spoil the diet.

How Does this drops work?

By this time you know HCG Diet is low calorie diet. Hence, your body needs to get accustomed to low calorie food. These drops acts as appetite suppressants. Hence, after half an hour when you consume meal, your body will feel satiated within minutes of consuming HCG Diet meal.

Please Note: This dosage is for the average person. Please note that your physician might provide different amounts of dosage with addition of other supplements to counteract low calorie effects of HCG Diet.


How Does HCG Drops Work in Weight Loss

We all know HCG drops are best for permanent weight loss. However, some skeptics still need to know how HCG drops exactly work in weight loss.

Here I describe exactly how HCG drops help in reducing weight.

HCG diet changes how your body stores fat. Hence, it is not just another fad diet. Once, your body gets accustomed to when and how to store fat you can eliminate the diet.

Upon consuming of HCG drops, your hypothalamus is stimulated. Hypothalamus is that part of brain which is responsible for storing and releasing of fat. These drops are consumed half an hour before every meal.

There are three things that happen upon ingestion of HCG drops.

  1. Your body stops storing fat. When you consume meal, excess food will not be stored as fat. In normal times. your body since is used to storing fat, it does not allow excess food to be excreted out. But gets hold of every molecule and stores as fat.
  2. HCG drops also acts are appetite suppressants. There are 500, 800 and 1200 calorie diet per day. And you will be surprised at first to live off at very low calorie. Although it may not be possible, but with HCG drops which acts as suppressants you can easily live off low calorie.
  3. It reprograms how your body works. This might seem a bit dazzling to most. But HCG drop really changes your hypothalamus’ functions. For instance, every time you consume meal after ingestion of HCG drops, your body is getting used to low calorie. Doing this for around a month or two makes your body to get accustomed to the diet protocol. After you have stopped HCG diet, your body will still not store fat.

But you need to understand that not all HCG drops are created equal. Online marketers have imitated HCG hormones and come up homeopathic and synthetic hormones. There are not much use for weight loss. And I strongly don’t recommend buying them off. Reason is obvious because only real HCG hormone drops can help in weight loss. The other being fake or illegal do nothing more than creating a hole in your pocket.

If you are unsure as to from where to buy real HCG drops visit our Real HCG drops comparison page. On this page we have reviewed some top resellers of HCG drops. All of them are tried and trusted. And each of them are manufactured within US in an FDA approved Lab.