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Below you will find a list of HCG drops. These HCG drops can burn fat faster and lose the most weight. In short, these are the best HCG drops for your weight loss needs.

However, note these points before purchasing any HCG drops:

HCG drops that can burn fat faster

  • manufactured in FDA approved Lab
  • should have money back guarantee
  • if possible choose free shipping.

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Not all HCG Drops are equal. Most online retailers promote illegal and fake stuffs. This is why we have taken the step to review and find real & best HCG drops merchants. All these merchants listed within our site are reviewed and rated completely. This saves you time and money as you don’t have to do your research.

Fact: 93% of HCG drops sold in USA are imported from third world countries. These can contain foreign microbes and are termed as illegal by FDA. Moreover, consumers those who purchase/use these drops can also be liable to prosecution.

Solution: We have filtered top HCG Merchants in USA and brought the number down to 3. Purchasing from any one of these 3 merchants is completely safe as these merchants comply with all rules. Above all, these merchants have a long history of selling and higher number of customer base with repeated customers.

From top 3 we strongly recommend HCG Complex. However, you are free to choose any one these merchants as you see it fit.

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Some Important FAQ

Which is Best, Pure HCG Drops or Homeopathy HCG Drops?

Before I can answer this question you need to understand what is homeopathy HCG. The principle of homeopathy is to create a sugary solution with only a drop on the main element. In other words, homeopathy solutions are created using few droplets of HCG while the rest is sugary solution.

I am not a hater of homeopathy. But I do know that pure solutions perform better than Homeopathic solutions.

The same applies to HCG drops. The pure ones perform better than homeopathic HCG drops. Hence, we always recommend Pure and Authentic HCG solutions in our Best HCG Drops Reviews.

What are some important elements that I should note  while reading HCG drops reviews?

Here are some important factors according to their importance:

  1. they should be pure
  2. manufactured within FDA approved lab
  3. made in USA (no fake stuffs from third world countries)
  4. the manufacturer should have a long positive history of selling
  5. each purchase of HCG drops must be backed with 30 day money back guarantee
  6. the supplier should provide some sort of support
  7. 500/800/1200 calorie guide must be provided either with the purchase or information must be listed on their website.
  8. the product should be delivered within 5 working days
  9. there must be a return policy. In case you dislike the product you can return it.
  10. finally, an enticing offer like free shipping or discount coupon.

How Do we Choose HCG Products and Review them?

It’s simple. We purchase HCG bottles from all merchants and ensure that it meets with the usual quality guidelines. After we have made our selection we send emails to our readers who had purchased similar products in the past and ask their opinions.

We get feedbacks and combining with our quality test we rank these products.

How do You Test the Quality?

First and foremost we ensure it is pure and Best HCG drops on the market. After that, we note the amount of days it takes to lose 10 pounds on average with 1200 calorie diet. This is the most important factor.

Apart from the above test, we also look into the companies info and review complaints placed on consumer websites.

Taking an average of these factors we arrive at the top product.

How to Use the HCG Drops?

HCG Drops must be used three times in a day, half an hour before breakfast, lunch and dinner.

While taking HCG drops, place 10 to 15 drops below your tongue.

Tip: If you find it hard to calculate the drops then squeeze 10 to 15 drops onto a spoon and then take the Drops. All drops are rated using our HCG drops reviews system.

I am Little Skeptic of the Low Calorie Diet

it’s that everyone who is a first time user of HCG Diet might find the low calorie bit hard to manage. Fortunately, humans have the ability to adapt any situation and thus we have managed to dominate every species on the planet.

When you, first. start to use the low calorie diet, you will find it hard for the first three or five days.

If you can withstand those five days, then you can withstand the entire regime as your body will adapt to the low calorie diet.

Therefore, if you are still skeptic, I ask you to start the diet and then try it yourself. However, don’t forget to read our HCG drops reviews of various merchants.

I Heard that you are Not Allowed to Exercise while on the HCG Diet. Is it True?

Yes, it is true that you are not allowed to exercise while on the HCG Diet.

If you exercise, your metabolism increases, this in turn causes increased hunger pang. Therefore, exercising while on the HCG Diet can be counterintuitive.

However, if you wish to exercise, then I strongly suggest that you do not lift any weights.

Simple exercises like walking, and stretching can be performed as long as you do not stress your body.

Tip: To ensure that you do not speed up the intensity of your exercise take the speech test. During exercise you must be able to talk without catching your breath. If you catch your breath or are unable to speak properly then bring down the intensity of exercise.

What is the FDA’s Stand on HCG Diet?

FDA does not approve HCG solutions as a weight loss supplement. Doing so is illegal. In short FDA frowns on HCG Diet altogether as it has seen no scientific evidence to prove that HCG Drops can result in weight loss.

If FDA does not Approve HCG Diet Can I Still buy?

Yes, you can, provided that you are well educated of the fact that HCG solution is not a weight loss supplement.

If there are Scientific Evidence of Weight Loss with HCG Solution, How Can I lose Weight?

Well, this is a tricky part. I have no authority to state HCG Drop does result in weight loss. However, I can do say that I have lost few pounds using the HCG Diet.

Note: If people were not losing weight with HCG diet then retailers of HCG must be out of business ages ago, isn’t it? Somehow, the diet must be working which is the reason why new retailers are springing online.

Which is Best 500/800/1200 Calorie Diet?

If you are a first user of HCG Diet then I would strongly recommend going for the 1200 calorie Diet. This is to ensure that you do not feel the urge to break the diet. In most cases with the 1200 calorie diet you won’t feel the hunger pang.

If this is your third or fourth time, in other words you are an intermediate to HCG Diet then 800 calorie diet is the way to go. You have been able to control your appetite with 1200 calorie diet and reducing the calorie can help in further weight loss.

If you have been using HCG Diet for a long time then 500 calorie diet is the perfect choice. Since, your body is used to low calorie diet you can have a great time.

Furthermore, you can choose the calorie level depending upon the amount of weight you have to lose. For example you need to lose a significant amount of weight within a short time then 500 calorie diet is perfect. Kindly go through our HCG drops reviews.

How Much Weight Will I Lose with HCG Diet?

This question has no straight answer as the amount of weight lost while on the HCG Diet depends on several factors primarily on the calorie diet and individual.

Let me answer this question with personal experience. I used the 1200 calorie diet few weeks ago and was able to lose 3 lbs in a week. According to other people testimonials, 1 lbs per day is common. However, on the site of various HCG merchants they state that 2 lbs per day is average amount of weight loss.

My Friends Suggest HCG Injections are Effective than HCG Drops?

False. Both are same when it comes to effectiveness. HCG Drops goes into your digestive system and gets into your blood stream. On the other hand HCG Injections are injected straight into your blood stream.

Since, both gets diluted into blood stream, both are effective. The only difference, is that HCG Injections work faster than Drops. Unfortunately, HCG injections come with a hefty price.

A month’s supply of HCG injections is priced at $300 whereas a month’s supply of HCG drops costs only $69. Unless, you have surplus money purchasing HCG injections or HCG drops does not matter.

I Was Using HCG Injections Previously. Can I use HCG Drops Now?

Yes, You can use HCG drops after using HCG injections provided that you have finished the time period of HCG Diet with the injections.

Tip: Leave at least a gap of 3 weeks before you can resume HCG Diet with drops.

I am a Man, Can I use HCG?

Of course. The HCG Diet is meant for both men and women. Since, it is popular with women, it displays the image of women. But there is no problem with men using HCG diet.

What are the Side Effects of HCG Diet?

Officially no side effects through usage of HCG Diet is listed. However, feedback through our best HCG drops reviews provides a list of side effects. Although they are not major they can neither be considered as negligible.


On Average, a person consumes 3000 calories per day. When suddenly, the calorie is reduced to half the body finds it difficult to digest completely.  The constipation might occur for the first week after which your body starts to adapt with the low calorie diet.


You are living on a ration and therefore it is possible to have a headache. Moreover, your liquid intake is restricted while on HCG Diet. This headache will resolve in itself. If it doesn’t after there or four days then you must get the help of a physician.

Loose Stools:

This side effect is one which I personally experienced. I am not sure if other people have experienced it but I think it is common with all forms of diet.

This loose stool happens, as the body tries to adapt to the low calorie diet or any form of diet.


This is very rare with HCG Diet. You might not be accustomed to most foods used in HCG Diet. Usually, you either steam or boil the food. Moreover, 75% of food consists of chicken. If your major diet previously did not consist of chicken then it could be very hard for you to get on with the diet.


This is very common in Women. You might experience mild bloating in the third or fourth week of diet. No, physician attention is necessary. However, if bloating persists for few days or its severe then you need to check it up with your doctor.

Shortness of Breath:

All of a sudden, you might feel short for breath. I don’t know the exact reason but is common and will pass after few days within the HCG Diet.

Pelvic Pain:

This is uncommon and does not need medical attention.

Sudden growth in height:

This happens in men only. And is rare. Some boys or men who take HCG injections or drops might feel a sudden spurge in height. I bet that most men will welcome the growth in height.

Decreased Amount of Urine:

Another rare side effect is decreased effect of urine. It is very uncommon but you don’t have to be afraid.

This probably happens due to lower consumption of water while on the HCG Diet. Most weight people have is water weight and therefore to cut down on the weigh the HCG Diet restricts the consumption of water.

Moreover, the restriction of water reduces your metabolism and hence keeps hunger pangs at bay.

For Further information read “reviews of our best HCG drops” which will help in selecting the right type of HCG drop for weight loss.

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